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in several languages), but we ask you to limit it to 500 words max. Audiovisual archives around the world join together annually on 27 October to celebrate their work with activities and events that not only highlight the vulnerability of this heritage, but also celebrate the often unheralded work of the heritage institutions that protect it.

No campo audiovisual, a Fiocruz detém acervo de interesse especial ao campo da ciência e da saúde, com material histórico em diversos suportes, como filmes, fitas, dentre outros.

in several languages), but we ask you to limit it to 500 words max. Nessa edição, o III Seminário do Patrimônio Audiovisual em Saúde na Fiocruz traz o foco para ferramentas, métodos e plataformas de preservação digital de audiovisuais.

O seminário é gratuito e será realizado na terça-feira, 14 de novembro, às 9h, no Salão de Leitura da Biblioteca de Manguinhos.

This year, on the very same World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we're proud to present the Selected Readings from the 2015 conference!

SOIMA: Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage is available now and free to download.

The eight associations forming the CCAAA (AMIA, ARSC, FIAF, FIAT-IFTA, FOCAL International, IASA, ICA, SEAPAVAA) strongly encourage all their members (and any other institutions) not only to join in the global celebrations of the 2017 World Day on and around 27 October, but also to share the information about their particular events, by filling the quick-and-easy form below (click on « Add a new World Day for Audiovisual Heritage event» below).

Your descriptive text can be in the language of your choice (or even better... Your contributions will be automatically added to the list of Word day events on this page (the latest added event will appear at the top of the list). The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage has become a key initiative for both UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) to honour audiovisual preservation professionals and institutions that help to safeguard this heritage for future generations despite the many technical, political, social, financial, and other factors that threaten its survival.

Seguindo essa linha, o seminário debate as plataformas digitais e seu papel para a preservação e difusão dos acervos audiovisuais.

O evento acontece em paralelo à Semana Fluminense do Patrimônio, que inclui uma série de atividades voltadas ao tema, e também acompanha a agenda da Fiocruz, que atualmente se debruça em torno da elaboração de uma política institucional de preservação de acervos."Esperamos fomentar as discussões sobre a relevância desse tema em um momento tão crucial e marcante, sobretudo no que diz respeito às formas de se pensar em como preservar o patrimônio audiovisual da Fiocruz.

Its authors, who come from fifteen different countries and institutional contexts, explore the diversity of sound and image collections, and highlight innovative, creative and cost-effective strategies for coping with constant technological change and meagre resources.

Published jointly by ICCROM (organizers of the SOIMA training programme) and KIK-IRPA (hosts of the 2015 conference), it is now freely available as a resource on the Presto Centre Library under a Creative Commons license. La Cineteca Nacional de Chile celebró el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual en el marco del VII Encuentro de Investigación sobre Cine Chileno y Latinoamericano, instancia que organiza la Cineteca y que reúne a especialistas de todo el continente.

The aim of this workshop was to clarify the concepts and terminology related to archives and to provide the scientific and practical standards for the preservation and management of audiovisual archives.

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