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So, hone your voice, whatever that is, and keep performing it in different places. For, alas, I do love – so, I think maybe a humorous/satirical detachment is an appropriate choice when writing about such an overwhelming culture. Rumpus: The common thread in all the television shows you listed is wondrous sexual tension. They can’t have sex with us because, as Shakespeare said (I’m paraphrasing), “to die” is to reach orgasm, and women have a hard time “dying,” if you know what I’m saying, so why even try when we make it so hard? You and Emily Halpern are said to be writing the script, with Amy Poehler as the star. note: to preview how awesomely they collaborate, watch Sarah and Emily’s movie DILF.

– She wrote and starred in Target Women, a recurring segment on Current TV’s satirical news show info Mania, where she comments on products, advertising, and media aimed at ladies.I’m referring mainly to the lack of female writers on those shows and the writing rooms.” How do you feel your efforts are instigating the change? How did you become not only a success, but also a successful female in comedy (like, did you ever go through a depression-and-sweatpants time? What advice would you give to young women trying to “make it” in the male dominated arts/media world? To me it seems the cornerstone of sexism; you take away a woman’s right to talk about poop, and it’s a slippery slope to not voting for a female President. Rumpus: Here is another one: start a blog called name][lastname]. Also, why do we analyze the sexual proclivities of folklore?Haskins: I would be flattered if my efforts were instigating the change. Haskins: I think you nailed it in the above paragraph – using euphemisms perpetuates feelings of shame – like pooping and getting your period are weird. Do you know that even if you delete a blog after your ex-boyfriend’s students find it and report you that Google won’t actually erase your three-month exquisitely written mistake/triumph? Snapped, Oxygen’s true crime show about women who kill their husbands and boyfriends, establishes “equality in the true-crime genre.” “Snapped makes you feel like snapping is just another stage in a woman’s life. Haskins: [Since I never asked Sarah the above question, she never answered it.] Rumpus: What are you going to be in next?She teaches humor writing at The New School and Catapult.Follow her on Twitter, and visit for more literary, feminist, and personal criticism.I told a friend I wanted to write a television pilot, and he said, “But you’re not funny. Haskins: A lot of jokes I make are my response to being annoyed/angry to the point where I’m just bemused.

Sometimes, I make a joke because first and foremost I’m a comedy writer and I need to put a joke in there, but many times it comes from being honestly shocked about what I just saw.If you hate Mondays as much as I do, then you can use a laugh today.Sarah Haskins is the most hilarious woman i have seen in a long long time!Rumpus: I went to an Upright Citizens Brigade show recently in New York, and I did this math: 8 members of the group; 6 men and 2 women. Rumpus: I know him kinda, but only in that “I’ve masturbated to you” way.Is it accurate to say comedy breaks down to 25% women and 75% men? Haskins: Nope – but, to the improv world’s credit, I felt very happy and supported when I was in Chicago doing improv, even with similar ratios. A lot of your shows carry the underlying theme that advertising is about “not talking about it.” In Birth Control, you astutely notice that “birth control is sold as period control” and rarely marketed as how to have safer, abundant, and baby-consequence-free sex. In an interview with , you say cleaning products are “stand-ins for a husband and a satisfying adult sexual relationship.” In Cleaning, you get sexual with the shower (“with” being the key preposition here and not “in”).Canclini 9780252076121 0252076125 Jane Addams and the Practice of Democracy, Marilyn Fischer, Carol Nackenoff, Wendy Chmielewski 9780521085946 0521085942 The Correspondence of Isaac Newton, Isaac Newton, A.