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Ambas forças se referem a própria vida, isto é, aos ciclos da vida, como nascer, crescer, se subsistir, reproduzir e morrer.Para fazê-los sentir o que Nietzsche quis dizer eis uma citação de Goethe que se enquadra bem no que quis explicar até aqui: Em suma, a principal questão da arte em Nietzsche conduz ao impulso (potência) que chama a arte à vida.

O apolíneo e o dionisíaco faz parte da estética ativa nietzscheneana pois são observados como par fundamental de impulsos artísticos da natureza, o qual geram estados fisiológicos vitais, estados de sensibilidade tanto no artista quanto no que contempla a obra.

Most metal ores are considered vastly greater in supply to fossil fuels, because metal ores are formed by crustal-scale processes which make up a much larger portion of the Earth's near-surface environment, than those that form fossil fuels which are limited to areas where carbon-based life forms flourish, die, and are quickly buried.

In 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) an organization set up by but independent from the United Nations classified fission reactors that produce more fissile nuclear fuel than they consume -i.e.

Earth minerals and metal ores are examples of non-renewable resources.

The metals themselves are present in vast amounts in Earth's crust, and their extraction by humans only occurs where they are concentrated by natural geological processes (such as heat, pressure, organic activity, weathering and other processes) enough to become economically viable to extract.

This is why Ricardo's simplistic notion that the price of a mineral resource should increase over time has in fact turned out to be the opposite, nearly all metal ores have decreased in inflation adjusted prices since well before the early 20th century.

The main reason he was wrong is that he assumed that metals are exhaustible on a world scale, and he also misunderstood the effect of globally competing markets; in human terms the amount of metal in the earth's crust is essentially limitless.O fio condutor do tema é a música e ele tem como objetivo encontrar uma resolução sobre o surgimento e o desaparecimento da tragédia grega.A arte para Nietzsche é algo inerente a vida, isto é, partindo do pressuposto por ele analisado sobre a noção central de vontade de poder , a arte significa o que é vida é.This is because they are present throughout the earth's crust on a vast scale, far exceeding human demand on all time scales.Metal ores however, are only extracted in those areas where nature has concentrated the metal in the crust to a level whereby it is locally economic to extract.Uma questão que deve ser analisada é o fato do dionísíaco ser encarada apenas como o "lado bacanal" da vida e o apolíneo como o correto, certo, equilibrado.

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