Define single malt scotch

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Let us take you to the distilleries and show you their world, with a guide for connoisseurs and novices alike, through the what, why and how of Scotch whisky.A scotch single malt is a drink like no other, synonymous with the sophistication of James Bond yet sewn into the fabric of proud working class life.

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Buy now This offering from scotch stalwart Bruichladdich is the latest from its famous Black Art series, and the first by the new head distiller, Adam Hannett.

The Talisker is no exception to Islay’s smoky tendencies and this dominates the nose.

Punches of thick smoke and a sea side breeze are joined by suggestions of garden fruits.

The palate follows through with the vanilla and orange and introduces notes of caramel and apple before a smooth bittersweet chocolaty finish.

Buy now The Talisker 10 is the most affordable whisky on our list and is another Islay instalment.

We’re going to be going through the nose (scent), palate (initial taste) and finish (aftertaste) of each drop.

Try adding a drop or two of water to the smokier and more complex pours to help unlock all the flavours.

The palate is thick and an orgy of sweet, indulgent notes – cinnamon and cocoa take the forefront ahead of hints orange and more exotic fruits. The nose is made up of mother’s cooking, homely and warm, and it can be broken down into oaky tones mixed with hints of spice.

The palate is sweet, characterised by a dominant vanilla and caramel marriage.

Buy now The first popular high street distillery to appear on the list does so with one of its premium expressions.

Glenmorangie Signet oozes class and is arguably the most decadent whisky to feature on the list, with the nose bringing a punch of deep cocoa and burnt citrus peels. Buy now The Glen Grant 18 Year Old has been showered with honours in recent times, with whisky guru Jim Murray naming it his scotch of the year for 2017, and second place worldwide for the year.

The palate delivers on the nose’s promises of smoky bacon, engulfing your mouth with what verges on charcoal.