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Here are three ways: Professors and instructors are required to have office hours, which usually means they sit alone in their offices (until the last two weeks of class when everyone suddenly needs help).

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For most professors, that means you’ll call them “Dr. But i went to the other sims town (you can find it on the right bottom of the screen, klik the globe picture and wait until you see the another simstown and klik it) after that you should go to the park on the town not the park in you sims' house. Then have your Sim's be nice to one another and then press on to one of the Sims. Is it outside my sims house or I have to go town and find it ? I bring my sims out from house , just at the back of my house , then I click the sims for several times . (Before that, they didn't show up as available) Firstly i did not understand how to do tai chi. It needs an hour(real time) All you have to do is go to the park, then press whistle to bring two Sims over.Your profs will be happy for the company, and you’ll get one-on-one attention that could really help your work. When you have to miss class (which is something that most instructors understand happens once in a while), get notes from another student.If you’re going in simply to chat, however, first make sure that your instructor has time to talk to you. Don’t ask your instructor to fill you in on everything that happened; That is a waste of his or her time.In discussion-based classes, it can be a challenge for instructors to get the conversation flowing. Your professor will appreciate you coming forward with something to say.

Don’t worry about whether your questions are stupid, or whether your comment is the most earth-shatteringly intelligent analysis ever—just do your best.How can he or she think that if you can’t be bothered to write a decent email? Etc.), check to see if that information is on your syllabus. By the same token, face forward, with your eyes on the professor, and sit up.Your professor probably gets a lot of emails everyday, so, before you email him or her with a logistical question (i.e. If you’re lounging back in your seat with your eyes closed, your instructor may just assume you’re asleep (which, honestly, maybe you are).It will then show an option to practice Tai Chi for an hour.All you have to do is go to the park, then press whistle to bring two Sims over.(Simply say, “I would love to chat about X if you have time, but I can come back later if you have other appointments.”)Do NOT email your prof with “Hey, I missed class yesterday. Get the notes, look them over, and then go to office hours for any particular questions you have.