Buddha dating book

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Buddha dating book

A catharsis for spiritual engagement that somehow, magically, leads us back to our own basic goodness. And certainly, like the poison it can be, this longing would somehow kill me. Three days later, I deleted my profile because I was dateless and still unhappy. I was exhausted and bitter and had so many unanswered questions about myself floating around in my head. I want to believe that this feeling is always available to me, waiting to be breathed into, waiting to be unpacked. So I took another deep breath and contemplated on that some more. In his free time he enjoys free writing in his journal, dancing like a maniac, and attending the Boston Shambhala Centers 30’s and Under Meditation group on Tuesday evening.

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Questions about who I am, who I wish to be and the image, albeit incomplete image, I wish to offer the world continue to remain unanswered. Or, even worse, from my own imagination.] So on a Saturday in December, after skipping my meditation practice to create an OK! Because of our dear friend the “like” button, the stakes are now too high whenever we share a picture of ourselves during that fabulous vacation we took last summer, or when we share something that we find deeply interesting, or important, or poetic. (AND ALL IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME.) Could you imagine if this behavior was permissible in real life? After reading the following sentence, close your eyes. Imagine a world where, akin to maniacally liking and disliking online dating profiles, we were able to literally shove unappealing romantic partners out of the way as they greeted us on the street. These little micro-traumas felt a lot like suffering.

A monumental work in the history of religion, the history of the book, the study of politics, and bibliographical research, this volume follows the making of the Chinese Buddhist canon from the fourth century to the digital era.

Approaching the subject from a historical perspective, it ties the religious, social, and textual practices of canon formation to the development of East Asian Buddhist culture and enlivens Chinese Buddhist texts for readers interested in the evolution of Chinese writing and the Confucian and Daoist traditions.

As I re-call my experience I will make these reflections clear through topics affectionately called “vignettes de crazy”. Because of this experience I am now grappling with the following questions: what drives me to look for romantic love?

And at several points I will refer to Sakyong Mipham’s book Ruling Your World: Ancient Strategies for Modern Life, because in the midst of my craziness his book was sort-of a lifeline for me. Buddha: reflections on Internet dating, the dharma and one Shambhala warrior’s failed attempt to find love online. Why do I choose the romantic partners that I choose? And what do the answers to these questions reveal about myself on this path towards spiritual awakening?

We don’t see all that is right in front of us because of the “like” and “dislike” tape playing in our heads.

Perhaps that is why I felt so crazy after hours of liking and disliking men I never got the chance to meet. What, dear lord, made me think it was a good idea to create an online dating profile after having very recently exited a long-tern relationship with someone that I still cared deeply for?

I meditate so that I can reflect on my experiences, both the delightful and the painful. [or should I say, a failed attempt at online dating because you need to have actually gone on a date for it be considered dating…right?

And in that stillness, I sometimes find the courage to ask myself some uncomfortable questions. [chants to himself under his breath: vulnerability and courage are one and the same, vulnerability and courage are one and the same, vulnerability and courage are on and the same] Ok. ] But because I am a really good, only slightly novice Buddhist practitioner, I realized that the whole thing of it, the whole process of creating an online dating persona—the choosing of the profile picture, the filling in the description portion, and the people that I found attractive enough and interesting enough to actually meet for a date–was an opportunity for self-reflection.

The collection undertakes extensive readings of major scriptural catalogs from the early manuscript era as well as major printed editions, including the Kaibao Canon, Qisha Canon, Goryeo Canon, and Taisho Canon.

Contributors add fascinating depth to such understudied issues as the historical process of compilation, textual manipulation, physical production and management, sponsorship, the dissemination of various editions, cultic activities surrounding the canon, and the canon's reception in different East Asian societies.

I sunk so deeply that I promptly lost my mind, found it again and deleted my profile. laboriously, PAINFULLY scrolling through one thousand Facebook pictures in order to find that PERFECT picture. The reason why this process was so painful was because I was looking through the eyes of the big “other”. The other men who would be judging me, maybe harshly so, worthy or unworthy of their time and attention strictly based on the pictures and words strategically strung together on my profile (insert something here about a pot and kettle). How do we come to want what we want from our romantic partners? With an approving “like” men were saved to my profile as matches and with a disapproving “dislike” they disappeared, never to be seen again.

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