Anatomia de grey 9x06 online dating

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Anatomia de grey 9x06 online dating

Derek agrees to let Richard operate while Harper is awake. Cristina embarrasses herself in front of Jackson's patient/grandfather.

The chief commends George for not buckling under pressure from Sloan. Arnold, Bailey and Meredith work on the skydiver, and Jackie awakes from her shoulder surgery. Meredith and Cristina consider how much they don't know Derek and Owen. Owen and Arizona tell Alex they will talk to the Chief. Mer and Jackson watch as Harper gives Richard operating instructions. Richard, Bailey, and Mer realize that Harper was allergic to chromic sutures. Cristina warns the Chief that he better not squander her talent. Mercy West doctors crowd onto the elevator with Alex. Rose approaches Derek after the surgery, Callie tells Tricia that her injury could be a gift, and Hahn asks Cristina to get the entire CT scan. Meredith tells Phillip and his wife about the tumor. Dixon explains to Bailey and Cristina how the hugging technique works. Bailey and Cristina reluctantly stop hugging Dixon.

The song plays as Bailey assures Tucker they will find time to baptize Baby Tuck. The song plays as Lexie tells George that none of the interns want to play darts with Izzie. Izzie attempts to fit in, the gang interrogates Alex about Rebecca, and Christina tries to talk "girl." The song plays as Meredith monitors Darren. There is a montage of the different characters kissing.

Chrisitna and Izzie see the terrible condition of Alison.

The women watch Arizona give good news to the child's parents.

Cristina arrives to see a new sign and new people at Seattle Grace.

Alex presents a pregnant car accident victim to Arizona. Arizona carefully operates on Wallace, Charles assists.

Entendemos que si procedes con el enlace estas comprendiendo que nosotros no tenemos nada que ver con su contenido ni somos responsables de que el contenido no sea el esperado.

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