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Sarai, who was far advanced in years and had given up the idea of bearing children, persuaded Abram to take to himself her hand-maid, Agar.

God promises Abram that his seed shall be as the stars of heaven, and he shall possess the land of Chanaan.

The king of Gerara, Abimelech, sends and takes her, but learning in a dream that she is Abraham's wife he restores her to him untouched, and rebukes him and gives him gifts.

In her old age Sarah bears a son, lsaac, to Abraham, and he is circumcised on the eighth day.

For this Sarai afflicts her so that she flies into the desert, but is persuaded to return by an angel who comforts her with promises of the greatness of the son she is about to bear. Thirteen years later God appears to Abram and promises him a son by Sarai, and that his posterity will be a great nation.

As a sign, he changes Abram's name to Abraham, Sarai's to Sara, and ordains the rite of circumcision.

Next morning Abraham, looking from his tent towards Sodom, sees the smoke of destruction ascending to heaven.

After this, Abraham moves south to Gerara, and again fearing for his life says of his wife, "she is my sister".Whilst he is still young, Sarah is jealous, seeing Ismael playing with the child Isaac, so she procures that Agar and her son shall be cast out.Then Agar would have allowed Ismael to perish in the wilderness, had not an angel encouraged her by telling her of the boy's future.So we have Abraham's servant speaking of "the God of my father Abraham" (Gen. Jehovah, in an apparition to Isaac, speaks of himself as the God of Abraham (Gen. The same expression is used in the Psalms (xlvi, 10) and is common in the Old Testament.xxvi, 24), and to Jacob he is "the God of my father Abraham" (Gen. So, too, showing that the religion of Israel does not begin with Moses, God says to Moses : "I am the God of thy fathers, the God of Abraham" etc. Abraham is thus selected as the first beginning or source of the religion of the children of Israel and the origin of its close connection with Jehovah, because of his faith, trust, and obedience to and in Jehovah and because of Jehovah's promises to him and to his seed.The meaning given to Abraham in Genesis 17:5 is popular word play, and the real meaning is unknown.

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